LT Real Estate shuns the traditional brokerage model of cut-throat agents competing against each other. LT fosters a culture of partnership in which all clients and listings are represented in a collaborative environment by all its agents, thereby ensuring its clients and listings have a competitive edge. LT Represents Buyers and Sellers by providing comprehensive sales, marketing and management solutions. Our agents place a premium on honesty, industry knowledge, collaboration, extraordinary customer service and efficiency in all areas. We do not wish to be the biggest agency in the business – just the best. As a result, we take pride in everything we do and make ourselves readily available to our clientele.

Tina Houser Agency Founder/Owner/Broker

Phone: 260.609.5378
Email: tina@ltfoundations.test


In the last eight years I have had ample opportunity to get to know the ins and outs of the real estate business. My passion, like most women, is the multi-million dollar homes....

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Leanne Facer Agency Founder/Associate Broker

Phone: 260.229.0654
Email: leanne@ltfoundations.test

Esther Smith Associate Broker / Office Manager

Phone: 260.213.3100
Email: esther@ltfoundations.test

I have spent over 30 years in the housing industry in one capacity or another. My passion is helping people, please read on and "learn more" about me...

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Chris Lilly Associate Broker

Phone: 260.271.9222
Email: chris@ltfoundations.test

I am always volunteering to do something; it makes me feel good about myself. I am currently the Market Master for the Whitley County Farmers Market. The Farmers Market is such a wonderful opportunity for both the vendors and the local community; I am very proud to be a part of it...

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Heather Sumner Associate Broker

Phone: 260-450-8860

A new face in the neighborhood, Heather Sumner recently moved to the area from Ottumwa Iowa, where she had worked in music sales management for the past 8 years...

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Noney Brown Associate Broker

Phone: 260-804-1704

Not long ago, I moved to Columbia City from Nigeria to marry my best friend and partner in life who happens to be a native of Whitley County. Prior to getting married, I was involved in Marketing and Events and managed top international brands, like: P&G, Coca-Cola, Nokia, Johnny Walker, and General Electric. I earned a Bachelor degree...

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